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Crazy idea needs validation

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I was thinking how to extend SL Attraction to NPC-NPC attraction so that it persists and does not have to be recomputed every time player returns to the area. I am pretty sure the idea I had will not work, but wanted to make sure and know why. Here it goes:

Player enters the area with NPCs A and B for the first time
NPC A sees NPC B and gets a special item (invisible in inventory, weight 0) generically named in CK as "Token of affection". It is renamed to "Token of affection for B" with the gold value set to the numeric value of attraction computed here and now

Same goes for NPC A towards player and NPC B towards both NPC A and Player


Player leaves the area, the items shall stay in the inventory, right?


Player comes back, the items are still there, right?


So the attractions do not need to be recomputed, just read from item values... The values can then be manipulated by whatever scripts need them...

Edit: on the other hand maybe using storageUtil will do the same just better. Need to read my manuals and have my coffee before posting...

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