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exe crash d3b9 error on win 7 - 64


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just to relate a 2 weeks nonsense what a dumb i do.


oblivion was installed on a laptop asus x73vm without any probleme running for about a year with a seconde "screen,keyboard and mouse". and recently after messing around with some mods and crashing hardly. i decided to reinstall it clean.


i have just forgot that we need to take off the seconde keyboard and screen and mouse. I had to remember my initial installation to get over it.


the fun part is I was running tes4 on hd graphics (a virtual 512mb) and the first crash was when i installed wrye b and obge making the automatic change to nvidia 540 m but not on the ini file ! and it crashes when tweaking with periphals plugged.

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me again


more crushing instability in game     how to make the it stable ?  

i had the impossible mission 1 nif file corrupted in about 10000, menuq troubeling and peggy hud stuttering and of cours memory trouble (with just 8 gb how couldn't I)


had to find the problematic file first (folder by folder , subfolder by subfolder)   done.


while starting the game a new  Happy !!!   no        "error module "    well how could i understand that this is menuq fault  (i red about it few months ago a total hazard).     done.


sorting the mods with boss master list to be sure and starting a new game. Happy  !!!   No .  

i am level 2 and the game is instable.      this i could not stand ---what now---  running tes4edit experimental checking and cleaning all mods taking off wrye-b (never realy used it )  merging mbp file by file to the esm ,loverscreature.esp to esm.   better but still instable.


i have a memory pick at 450 mb i forgot something.        i tweak  the ini to load page file up to 500mb but the exe can't handel and obge is using a lot for the shaders.

oups !!! that is for the 4gbpatch.   the obse oblivion stutter remover  (osr)                   now we are ready to play  .   ( nop !)  


last thing inventury probleme and about 5 minutes loading screen that seems freezing   ---"" i am starting to get bald ""--


with this game every thing is pointing on something else (well being positif i learned to use tes4edit i start to understand the mod load order and the game hierarchy and architecture).


checked every thing but not obse plug ins and the ini folder.     Had to pick an older pluggy hud.  and the correspondent ini.   done!


now this is it  --  yes --  it is few days that i'm playing     just about 50 mods           no more stuttering no more crushing no more error module auto save  quicksave wandefull    Happy  !   yes !!!


hop i help some one


thank for reading

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