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(Idea) Another go at a Milk Mod


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I been looking at all the disparate milk/lactation mod ideas and I think what makes sense is to create a simple system plus job/quest idea that can be expanded over time to include all the cool advanced stuff like animation, growth, etc.



A Milk farm mod.


Basic idea is a rework of the Highland Milk Farm integrated with a startup quest and later slave capture and use.


Sartup quest which can be expanded as the features get worked out and included.


player gets captured by evil farmer, gets milked , gets free, kills farmer/gets him to help, takes over business, goes out captures more victims etc etc.


If the basics work then afterwards things like lactation, breast growth and even animal transformation could be included.




The milking curaiss already exists and included the generation of bottles of milk so it would be a matter of turning it from an armour piece to a static milking machine or maybe some sort of script where when the "milkee" is placed into a static equipment piece like stocks a newer version of the milking armour is equipped.



What do people think? is it feasible? How difficult would it be?

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Really nice Idea' date=' would be cool if this could be in cluded in the current lactation mod




Here's the first page...



Some cool ideas, even if you've no interest, I think it could help expand experimental player dynamics and effects.

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