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Does FO4 not support HDT vagina?

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I used the translator.


Skyrim and New Vegas have CDT too often.

Although he is playing a stable FO4, there are too many things to miss.


The first is that animation needs to be loaded separately. Quite often, I can't do anything if the animation doesn't play and the other person circles around me, or I can't access it because there are other characters around.


Second, there is no physical pushy mode.
After using this mode in Skylim, I feel like I'm missing out on other animations.


Finally, the third one is the absence of the reflation mode.
I know the pregnancy mode and it's installed, but since the sequence is very different from the calculation, I'm looking at the two separately, but I'm a little sad because there's no such mod.


I'm writing here because I might not have found those mods.

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