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[Review] Battle of the Immortals

Ark of Truth

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Disclaimer: Subject to changes in the future.


Game Name: Battle of the Immortals
Developer: Beijing Perfect World
- CN Beijing Perfect World
- NA Perfect World Entertainment
- SK Nexon
- VN Vinagame

Genre: free to play, massively multiplayer online, role-playing game
Age Rating: PG
Number of servers: 6, each one divided into channels
Player base: Extremely High
Distribution Media: Downloadable Client

Game play
There is always plenty of things to do in Battle of the Immortals. You can go out and kill monsters to pass the time, run one of several hundred mission or even go into one of the event areas.

Players can create guilds, get mounts and even tame monsters to became pets which help them in combat. If players are lucky enough they can obtain the Zodiac or dragon pets, Zodiac pets are the most strongest but are hard to level correctly.

Players can choose from 5 classes each with their own style of play, no class is gender locked meaning that you can have either a male or female character.

Despite the game engine which Battle of the Immortals uses the graphics are very good.

The music in this game is not annoying, in some cases it quite peaceful. If you don't like that go in and turn it off, even better replace it with your own!

Player Market
You can sell stuff in Battle of the Immortals to other players. Servers are divided into 8 channel with one channel normally being the trading hub.

The server I am on, Gemini, uses channel 2 for the market. This channel is normally the most busy.

Marriage System
Well what can I say, you can get married in this game to other players. By getting married to another player you gain access to 4 unique marriage skills, not only that you get a stat boost and exp boost when in team and near your partner!

This is a section from the official website.

The Perks of Married Life

As a married couple spends more time playing together, the more Happiness Points and marriage level they will be able to gain. As their Happiness grows, the couple will be able to gain new abilities that are only available to those who are married. Useful skills like teleporting to each other, and reviving your loved ones if they fall in battle.

Privities: 5% additional EXP when killing monsters with your spouse.
Desire: Instantly teleport to your partner's side. Available at Bliss LV15.
Persistence: Cure your partner of their ailments. Available at Bliss LV30.
Heartbeat: Revive your partner from death. Available at Bliss LV50.

- Marriage/Divorce System.
- Plenty of things to do from quests to events.
- Any monster can become a pet!
- You don't need to use the premium shop to get anyway in this game.
- You get rewards for playing.
- Easy to learn.
- No hacking or cheating, if someone does cheat they are banned for life across all Perfect World Games!
- USA, UK and Asia can all play together.
- No lag.
- 2-4 person mounts, carry your entire team around with you.
- Thor punish players for killing new players. He strikes them down with lighting!

- EXP grinding
- PVP is optional. Some areas are automatically PVP enabled.

- Never found a bad issue which affected me.

This game is great to play with friends or even that special someone in your life such as a girlfriend or partner. In the 4 years I have been playing this game I have never ran out of stuff to do. The community has always been helpful.

Score: 10/10

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