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making a patch placing a follower somewhere else in CK

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loaded a follower mod in xEdit, marked header as ESM and loaded that into CK.


Then I placed a duplicate of the follower form into Alvor's house in Riverwood.


That's all I did, but the follower isn't showing up. I tried messing with "persist location" settings, to no avail. Checked AI packages in the base form, but nothing exciting there, either.


Second attempt: cut the follower from it's original locatino, then pasted it into alvor's house. Still no luck.


Somehow I must be missing a specific element to make this work.

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You don't need to make it into an esm, and you don't need to make a copy of the npc.


Layenda had placed Tanya in the Flagon, which is where I go right at the end of the game. I wanted hear closer to the start, for the dragon fight. This is what I did:


1. Load up CK


2. Load up the esp and set it as active


3. Go to Cell veiw, find the Cistern, and delete Tanya


4. Open up the Hall of the dead in WR and leave it in the cell view


5. Find her name in the Actor list, and drag and drop her into the Cell


6. Save, praying it doesn't crash


7. Works (on new game only, tho).


You should save a copy of the esp in case you want to go back to the previous location.

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It will work fine to follow Paudaun's advice but still use your method of making the original mod an esm at least for the time to edit it, you can mark it back when done. 
You just load ck with your patch.esp active, drag and drop npc into new cell you wanted and then mark old npc dropper as deleted so it will overwrite the original mods npc placer . You can also do all of it in tes5edit but you still need the cell location and coordinates so it's probably easier in ck.

After you save and before changing original mod back to esp I would open your patch in tes5edit and make sure original npc dropper is in there and is overwriting the original mods and has deleted flag otherwise you will have two instances of the npc.

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