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Ran into a problem


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Ok so I ran into an issue while modding my game. It prevented me from making female characters, totally my fault don't wish to get into details. So after a few CTD's I decided to go ahead and go with a fresh install to better use Wrye Bash and SKSE. So fresh download later from Steam with Dawngaurd only.


And so my real issue arises after the download gets finished I get ready to remod and hopefully not mess up again. So I open my data folder and something's not right, 3 folders and a few extra bsa's that aren't mods.


Here is the pic for my new data folder.post-116133-13597883139165_thumb.png


Just need to know if my game is still moddable if not is this fixable and how.


P.S sorry for the long post just wanted to give you a heading to were I was at and how I got there. :P Thanks in advance for any info. :)

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No. Those files are the stock files you need. Also, I also suggest finding a BSA Unpacker and also extracting the String folder from Dawnguard. It seems Bethesda was a bit silly in their String folder being packaged instead of being loose as the new Creation engine does it.

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