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Skyrim Mods Working ?


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Hi, i'm fairly new to this forum and i decided to try out some skyrim futa mods tonight for the first time.


I read the guides, downloaded and exctracted : Futanarium, Mini Lover's Lab, Sex Addict, Skes, Shcbhc, CBBE, Bodyslide and one or two other mods i certainly forgot.


After a time i made it finally work somehow but i got four problems :

- Firstly, i got a SA and a ML spell option wich are separated it seems but do approximatively the same thing except SA is more complete .. wtf ?


- Secondly, every females of the games are futa now ôO


- Thirdly, i got one single position when i try the SA Rape spell and i'm stuck with it


- And finally four, after a random moment of play my game freez and crash itself, i got some blackscreen and i have to restart my computer, any idea why ?


That's all i think, i hope i posted it on the right section and sorry for the disturb.


Oh, and P.S : Do someone have a females skin library ? Skyrim Nexus is very tricky when i do search with it, ty.

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