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Does anyone here use SFM?


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As a friendly note here. Not sure how set you are on using SFM, but I highly recommend moving over to any other 3d software. SFM engine is horribly outdated and looks awful in my opinion. You can convert pretty much any SFM model to Blender. I'd 100% suggest Blender as it'd give you much better results once you get over the learning curve and sites like smutba.se offer loads of models for you to use created by other members. If you want to keep using SFM, hell, keep doing you!


To awnser your question; The cumball uses flexes and has bones built into it so should be easy enough to use. I have not used SFM for ages though, but I remember using the cumball a few times with no issues. I'd also suggest just adding the cum in post with photoshop. (Take any Firebox studio photo which has cum in it and that is done in photoshop with this brush set.) You can get really good results with just a mouse, but better results with a tablet.

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