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Cait Looksmenu Presets - Drug Addict and Cleaned Up Versions

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These are Cait Looksmenu Presets that I made that has 4 versions, Drug Addict (When you first meet her), Cleaned Up (After Vault 95), and Oni Eyes (From the Cute Asian Face Parts Mod)and Non Oni Eyes (Vanilla).

Now there is something else that I had discovered after making these, I used the face preset 1 (Nora) as a base, but I had the High Poly Faces mod when I made it so the preset was using the High Poly Faces mod's head mesh. I used Notepad ++ to edit the json file to use the vanilla head mesh and saved them under a new preset name so end users could differentiate what's what so to speak.

First off, pics of the presets, these will require Looksmenu, Azar Ponytail Hairstyles, Oni Cute Asian Face Parts (Vanilla eyes of course won't need this), and High Poly Faces and the patches for Oni Cute Asian Face Parts : 

HiPoly Faces

HiPoly Faces - Light ESP

HiPoly Faces - Female Neck Tweaks - Editor's Choice (v1.0)

HiPoly Faces 'Oni cute asian face parts patch

^This is what I had installed in the order of install in MO2 when I made these presets. I don't know about the Female Neck Tweaks, but I do know you will definitely NEED the Oni cute asian face parts patch for sure - unless you're using the vanilla eyes versions.

Cait - Drug Addict version, using Oni Eyes


Cait - Cleaned Up Version - Using Oni Eyes :


Cait - Drug Addict Version No Oni Eyes :


Cait - Cleaned Up Version Vanilla Eyes : 


Now, all that being said, I am offering up the non Hi Poly Faces versions that I edited to use the vanilla head mesh. These are comparison pictures between the Hi Poly Faces version and the vanilla head mesh version :

First up, the non High Poly Faces version : 


And the High Poly Face version : 


No High Poly 3/4 View : 


High Poly Faces 3/4 View : 


No High Poly Faces Side View : 


High Poly Faces Side View : 


Nothing too major, but the differences are there nonetheless. So there will be two major versions, High Poly Faces and Non High Poly Faces with the 'Drug Addict', 'Cleaned Up', and 'Oni' and 'Non-Oni' Eyes versions inside the archives.

You may be wondering, "Why doesn't Ed upload these to Nexus?"...the reason is because I'm tired of Nexus' shenanigans and I refuse to upload anything else there. I'm not going to go into details, but that's my reason in a nutshell. 

So here they are, the files. Extract to your Data folder or install with the mod manager of your choice. Enjoy!  ☺️



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