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Morrowind Lovers & Legends Troubleshooting

Lord Dagoth

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I'm basically encountering the same problem this guy encountered in that Cello Create Race Lists doesn't work and I get an Error for it, not only that but for the Cello Create NPC Lists and the Cello Customise For Player will open but it doesn't seem to run anything. When I try to Run Cello Create Mesh Lists it say that No NPCs found in file. If anyone has a working version of this mod and could upload it to mediafile or something that would be great. I specifically need the ORIGINAL Lovers And Legends Mod,


Do you think these problems are encountered because I'm using Steam?



--------------This is the instruction in Russian for installing the plugin Mr Cellophane's Lovers And Legends I. Requirement: 1) The plug-in itself 2) The operating system Windows XP (It may not work on Vista) 3) The licensed version of the game Morrowind with the add-on Bladmun from 1C is overwhelming most problems arise with the owners of pirates, the addon Bludmun is MANDATORY, the Tribunal is optional, can be installed as desired. (Do not think that I am such a supporter of licensed products, it’s rather the other way around, but oddly enough, it is the Morra license from 1s that works with most English plugins without problems, and there are known problems with pirates. One of them is the lack of a normal workplace for Bloodmoon, that is, of course it exists, and the game starts with it, but it makes it very unstable, frequent crashes appear, sometimes even saves go bad, but the ITU and the plug-in themselves also do not add stability. save game this plugin when using 2 different nosd taken from different resources, so I had to go back to launch using a licensed disk. There were rumors about some normal nosd, but as I understand it, no one saw it with my own eyes) .4) Unpacked game - the plugin does NOT work with .bsa archives, i.e. if you have textures and meshes in these archives, the plugin will not work. For unpacking archives, you can use, for example, bsapack. 5) Morrowind Script Extender (MWSE) version or higher. The beta body plug-in works without it, but it’s simply nothing to watch. It is assumed that you already have all this. If there’s no reason to go to the second point, it’s pointless. II. Installation: 1) Unpack the archive with the plugin and carefully place the files in the appropriate folders, i.e. files from the Meshes folder in Morrowind \ Data Files \ Meshes, files from the textures folder in Textures. The esp file is placed in the Data Files folder. Exe files as well as the Сello LAL Files folder are placed in the root directory of Morrowind, not in the Data Files folder. 2) We make a copy of the saved game in which you want to use this plugin. Rename it to Cello.ess. It should remain in the save folder. 3) Run Create Data File List.exe and wait until Done! Is written at the bottom of the black window. Close this window. 4) Run Cello Create Race Lists.exe and wait until the bottom of the black window it is written Done !, close this window. 5) Run Cello Customize For Player.exe and wait until the bottom of the black window says Done !, close this window. 6) Run Create NPC Lists.exe and wait until the bottom of the black window is written Done !, close this window. 7) Run Cello Create Mesh Lists.exe and wait until Done is written at the bottom of the black window! It should be noted that the last executable is especially long. This depends on the number of installed plug-ins, the speed of the machine and the crap system (with a couple of dozens of tray icons, any computer will slow down). A file can execute in a few minutes. We patiently wait for the end of the process, close the window. It should be noted that often after the inscription Done! a series of error messages also follows. Partially, they can be ignored, for example, the executable may not find several meshes, this is not critical. If there are a lot of inscriptions - you made a mistake in one of the above paragraphs. ? Remove Cello.ess from the packs of saved games, although this is not necessary. Make sure Mr Cellophane's Lovers and Legends V0.esp is checked in the launcher. Launch the game using MWSE. Upload your save file. Find the NPCs of the opposite sex with respect to your hero, make sure that the location of this NPC is above 80 for you. If all is well, the NPC agrees and an English message appears in the dialogue informing you that your lover has been changed and you need to restart the game. Save. Exit Morrowind to the system, completely close the game. 9) When the game closes, run Cello LAL Controller.exe. Without closing this window, start Morrowind again, via MWSE. Download that save after your conversation with the NPS. 10) You have a rose in your inventory. Put it on any flat surface (read the notes in paragraph 3), aim the sight at it and press the "G" button on the keyboard. The screen will darken and then your partner will be lying on this rose. Here you can change his clothes. 11) To start sex, select the topic Lets get it on! Attention, after that you can only click on the red “continue ...” link in the dialog itself, when you click on any other button, the plugin will not work correctly and most likely the game will freeze. 12) The screen will darken and then you will see partners ready for the process. The controls are simple: the “X” button is manual mode, the “Z” button is automatic, using w, a, s, d and the mouse you can move around, the space bar brings up a context menu where you can change the pose or clothes of the companion. Attention after changing clothes to return to the process, you must again select the topic Lets get it on! and click on the red link "continue ..." in the dialog itself, when you click on any other button, the plugin will not work correctly and most likely the game will freeze. III. Remarks on the plugin: 1) Do not click the left mouse button while the session is active 2) Do not try to call the game menu or console command menu when the session is active. 3) When changing a position, you can only do 1 shift at a time, do not try to change the position again without returning to sex mode 4) Do not try to steal things from your partner, this is just a technical cheat. 5) Do not put the rose in water, on the pier, p the lagin most likely will not work there. Also, the plug-in works much more stable in rooms or in caves than in the open air. 6) It may be necessary to set the priority for loading the plug-in, it should be loaded last, although this is not necessary and only matters with a certain set of plug-ins. To do this, you can use the TESTool program. This instruction is written using the original instructions for the Mr. Cellophane's Lovers and Legends plugin--------------



So I found these instructions from a Russian based website and I'm adding them here for future use. Apparently the mod will NOT work with BSA files so you'll have to unpack any BSA Files. I haven't tested this yet but I will post an update as soon as I test it out.

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It appears not to be a problem based around steam, I have the discs for Morrowind on the PC and installed it onto my computer to bypass steam and then tried downloading Lovers & Legends to it, I can only assume then that it must be the file itself that people use to download that is faulty. Therefore I must request again that if anyone has a working copy of Lovers & Legends from Mr. Cello to please upload it here. I'm going to continue trying to troubleshoot this to the best of my abilities.



The only available downloads I've been able to find is the one from this post and one from a website called nudepatch




If anyone is interested in downloading these files and helping me with my troubleshooting to see if they work for them that would be great. I'm assuming though that its the same problem. You used to be able to find it on modhistory I'll try to find other download links in the future wish me the best of luck.

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