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Monster girl mansion [Looking for devs]


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Monster girl mansion is a dungeon crawler.

No, wait. It's a relationship and sex sim.

Actually, it's both.


Monster girl mansion is a game about feeling good with friends. It's also a game about killing thieves and stealing from an ancient labyrinth underneath a mansion. It runs deeper than just meeting a girl and talking to her over and over to unlock things and fuck her.

It's about unique character design, thought in mechanics, and being able to sometimes say 'Wow, that's pretty cool,' even as you're playing a sexually-oriented game.


The best thing about this? It'll be released for free with an open source.


If you're interested in joining up with the project or helping in any way, add me on skype!

Skype: Akigawa11


Here are my current notes.



Before I forget, the game will be in unity. while it's recommended that you have experience with it, I have literally zero problems with a lack, as long as you're willing to learn and remain somewhat active in at least speaking with the team.


We'll also be using the .blend format for models.


Every kind of talent is needed at this point, but javascript coding is a dire need.

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