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A few questions about creating mods for SexLab

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1_ Does SexLab has a function for "relocating" with an actor? A temporary follow package to move somewhere more private before doing the naughty?
2_ Is it possible to play the undress animation only, and only for one actor (the player)? Basically the player undresses in front of someone without a sex scene
3_ I know that you can set a script to play a specific animation, but can you instead choose between animation that has a specific word in their name? As to play only animation from a single author only
4_ Is there an internal faction in SexLab to track wether or not you had sex with a specific actor? Or how many times? Otherwise I'll have to create my own
5_ Is there a SexLab wiki or doc? The one on github seems down to me
6_ This is more CK related but, how can I add a premade script inside a dialogue? I tried but it wouldn't play, only way I'm able to is to create the script from inside the dialogue (typing in the fragments I mean)


Thanks in advance everyone

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1. No, but you can create such package on your own. It is a very simple MoveTo package.

2. You can do it with a couple of lines of code. Play the animation: Debug.SeandAnimationEvent(theTargetActor, "Arrok_Undress_G0") and have the actor to do nothing for a few seconds (like with a DoNothing package)

3. Do not pick the animations by name. This is bad. If you want a specific animation pick it by Registry (that is an ID for the animation.) Or you can pick the animations by tags. This will allow to use your mod with pretty much any set of animations the user has.

4. No. You have the "last sex actor" but yoou cannot do it with a faction because you need a faction for each possible couple of actors. Just impossible. Nobody will stop you to write something like that, but probably using arrays, and for a small amount of actors.

5. Most of the SexLab documentation is inside the code itself. It is very well commented. And here on LoversLab we can answer to pretty much any question you have.

6. No, you can't. But you can have the script attached to some object (a quest, a reference alias, etc.) and then reference this script inside a dialogue, and then execute its functions.

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Wow CPU in the flesh answered my post, I'm a fan ^^

1. I've created said package. As you said, it's quite simple. The problem is that I've no idea about how to activate it using a dialogue

2. I found a copy of the github wiki and used StripActor() and that did the trick. Not sure if it's ok to use it though.
3. Yeah I figured as much. Can I check what tags does an animation have somehow? Maybe from the in game SexLab menu?


7. Is there an easy way to force the third person view? Just like SexLab does when the scene starts.


Thanks again for answering me

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1) You can attach script fragments into INFO entries, aka DIAL (Dialog Topic) responses.

2) StripActor is fine if you don't need to customize the slots and is okay with just using SexLab's strip settings. Use StripSlots if you do need to customize item slots.

3) Yes. Animation.GetTags() will return a string array with all the tags the animation has.

7) Game.ForceThirdPerson().


In regards to tracking how many times an actor has had sex, you can use StorageUtil for this.


Call this when initializing/finishing an animation:

StorageUtil.AdjustIntValue(theActor, partnerActor.GetFormID() + "_MyUniqueKeyName", 1)

And call this whenever you need to access it:

int sexcount = StorageUtil.GetIntValue(theActor, partnerActor.GetFormID() + "_MyUniqueKeyName")


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