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Trying to get a vampirelord overhaul head working

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Hey! So I used to love Shaydow's work back in the day and since I've been playing SE lately I wanted a proper vampirelord overhaul for it. I downloaded his old v2 version, converted it and managed to change the armor and everything. My problem arises with the head. For some reason the head doesn't look the same at all. I use racemenu and can go in there and import my saved head and it looks perfect, but the second I swap out of vampire form my head gets this white skin and looses the details I applied in Racemenu outside of vampirelord. 


Anyone know how I can try and fix this? I've been messing with tons of ways but I'm a bit of a noob in CK. I'll post pics in a sec of what I'm experiencing. 


*EDIT* Pics added.         I know I should probably post this in his vampirelord topic, but it's fairly inactive. 





Got it working, the headoverlay didn't save properly in CK. I thought I did something else wrong.

This is what I'm using. I converted it and changed the textures and armor as a test.





Before vampire lord



After Vampirelord



After racemenu import



Exiting vampirelord after using import from racemenu




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