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A little problem with NPC Transfer Tool

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It is a tool simple and easy to use, but this case is different.


I want to give to Valerica the appearance of the mod "SeranaHolic 1.8 version", but i want to use "SeranaHolic 1.7 version" on Serana. 


Both plugins have the same name and both plugins point the same NPC.


It is a problem because one overwrite to another and i do not know how to change that.


What do I have to do to achieve what I want?


Is there a easy and fast way to do it?





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Two easy ways to access different versions of same esp name. First is rename one of them and drop them both into data files, activate them so tes5edit can access them then open both with tes5edit and you can copy or compare files.

The other is with only one esp in data files, open it in tes5edit and use the compare function to go open the other esp it will open a browser for you to go open that esp so you can compare or copy data. The first method is probably better for what you are trying to do.



There is no easy or fast way to do what you are trying to do though.

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Here is what I would do with that instead of trying to merge into esps....

Get seranaholic v1.8 extract all the files into folder. Rename that extracted esp to valericaholic or something.

Drop that esp into data and open with tes5edit. Scroll to dawnguard npc list find valerica, copy as override into valericaholic esp.

Copy serana wieght and all head parts and tint data into valerica, then remove serana from the esp.

Go to facegen mesh and texture files for v1.8, rename those files to valerica's ref id. Drop those files into data as overwrite or use mod manager tool and make a mod folder however you manage skyrim data. 

Now you have valerica using serana head from 1.8 and no need to touch serana 1.7 esp.

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I made it!


Use the NPC transfer tool to change the appearance of Valerica with the SeranaHolic 1.8 mod version.


THEN  I delete    the add-on "Serana".


Installed SeranaHolic Version 1.7 for Serana


Everything works well.


It is important to remove the plugin because the path of the folders to the resources is the same in both mods.


The tool says you can disable the plugin, but in these cases it is not enough, renaming the plugin neither.
















Thank you very much for your help. 


Finally, it was not necessary to use test5Edit, but I appreciate your help. 

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