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CBBE and CHSBHC Compatability

Twisted Texan

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Um... CBBE body to the CHSBHC armor, or the CHSBHC body to the CBBE armor, or CHSBHC armors worn with the CBBE armors or vise versa?


Well if CHSBHC armors are worn with the CBBE armors there will be a distinctive notice of wierdity. The CBBE armors will probably clip in the characters body if you are wearing a CHSBHC body armor where if the character wore a CBBE body armor the CHSBHC armors will float & clip in. So wearing armors of both body types at the same time? No, no. Unless you use nifskope there will be always obvious clip issues.


Similarly goes for the CHSBHC body type to CBBE armor or CBBE body type to CHSBHC armor. To make this short, you might have problems with the waist of the characters for both ways depending on what body_msn files you use. (note this). For a better result go experiment using the mods on nexus or on this site. Or just beg for a preset someone has already made.

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