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Ark of Truth

DMRA + Bouncing Butts Version 5 released!!

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All new conversions are available for download!! Please report bugs!!


Newer releases are at the top, older ones the bottom


*DMRA - Final Fantasy (DMRA BBB+BButts Version)*

*DMRA - Candy Cane (DMRA BBB+BButts Version)*

*DMRA - Lady Moon Jasmine (DMRA BBB+BButts Version)*

*DMRA - Ravenous Elegance (DMRA BBB+BButts Version)*

*DMRA - Milla Outfit (DMRA BBB+BButts Version)*


The shop update is currently being uploaded, I will post in this thread when it is ready for download.


If you wish for a DMRA to be converted to BB please post the name and download link in the mod thread.

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