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Issue with SexLab possibly???

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So I have a few animation mods installed, all of them require FNIS. The mods that are not sex related (battle and weapon and such) work just fine so it's not an FNIS instillation problem, but any time I try to use any sex animation (all of which require sexlab) it doesn't work. The characters will strip and just stay in the original position, or not even strip, but sounds of the scene, moans and slapping and such, will play, but no actual animation. Should I complete remove and do a fresh install of Sexlab? When running FNIS I am getting no error or anything, according to FNIS's scan all animations should be running fine


After completely fucking my game up by improperly removing FNIS by accident, I'm very leery of doing much with animations that are dependent on it, because I suck, and it took me two days to figure out how to fix that issue.


EDIT: So animation behaviors aren't being generated (Duh in retrospect) but how do I get them to generate? The animations are installed, and FNIS is detecting them, just not generating a behavior for them. I guess it is an FNIS issue then, but olny affecting SexLab animations. How do I get the behaviors to generate? Any help would be much appreciated.

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