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Shiny CC Clothes

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I'm have a problem with a piece of clothing that has a shine to it.  Normally when I make an item I delete the specular, normal, and shadow.  I've never had the problem before.  This time I deleted those and it left a shine in game.  I also tried adding a custom specular someone else made to remove the shine that also didn't work.  I've heard about issues people sometimes have where their Alpha layer gets deleted, but my alpha layer is there.  I also did some further testing.  I made a new pack with the vanilla skirt and just deleted those 3 texture files in S4S and the skirt in game didn't have a shine.  But as soon as I imported my mesh into that pack the shine came back.  I also tried a new pack with the 3 texture files intact with my mesh and it still had the shine.  So I'm guessing it has something to do with my mesh.  I opened the mesh in Blender and compared it to one of my other meshes and all the settings under Materials and Textures seem to be the same.  I'm at a loss.  I've include a package file that includes the custom mesh and diffuse as well as the other texture files intact.




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