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Help making sex into a mini-game for new Open Source UGC MMO


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Hello I'm developing a P2P Massively Single Player interactive narrative authoring system.


Do any of you have any ideas on how to make sex into series of interesting choices? Is there any games that you think did this well.

Right now all I got is rough idea of mixing Honey Select sex scenes and gameplay mechanics into a Koikatu like dating sim.



If you want know what a P2P MSP IN authoring systen means; first that there isn't a central server and users host the content like bittorrent.

Second, it has asynchronous(Happening at different times)  multiplayer game play in a persistence world(like in the Animal Crossing games where you make changes to the world and other players can experience them),  Instead of the standard of MMO where every player does the same quests and they have no effect on the world, instead it will use something like the Skyrim's Radiance quest system to spawn a unique instance of a templated quest with the NPCs filled in from those available. This allows the quests to have actual effects on the world. You repair that run down tavern and it says repaired and the next time someone does the quest a different tavern is runned down.(Which could be caused by someone's else quest) 


Third, assets end users in creating stories that respond to the player's actions. It will use what I call the pot hole approach(a broad but shallow system with deep but narrow 'pot holes'  embedded in it.) You you have a fairly simple/generic The Sims like game but can get into scripted stories that can be interrupted at anytime. Think of Lego's they make custom pieces for specific models but you free to stop following the instructions and build what ever you want on top of it use the pieces of that 500 piece bucket of the classic 8x4 2x1 and 2x2 bricks.



The reason I want to make sex into a minigame is because the first would I'm making a prototype is a serious Sex Ed game to teach 'The Yes Game' The context of the game is PokeWomon. Which is to rape what Pokemon is to cockfighting.  SO you travel around battles Wild PokeWomon and *Taming* some of them. You can tame them Pokemon style, battle the PokeWomon with your own PokeWomon until they are weak then force yourself on them(The bad way to do it that is penalized) or you can Dragon Quest Monsters style, give them food and befriend them until they are willing to be tamed by you. Beyond the Initial Taming there is Upkeep Taming that gives  the player a change to experience a more realistic version of The Yes Game.


Why am I making a Sex Ed game about rape? Partially because in the early 90's I was working on a filter that flagged adult education as porn. and Adult Edutainment seemed like a novel idea. Partially because of Keith Fulton's PornShift comment. Partially because I'm a survivor of Child Sexual Assault.

As for my CSA I was Raped when I was 12 and it was the worst thing imaginable. Then When I was 23 I was in a situation in life where I was thinking I mess the good old days when I was kept up all night by the memories of my CSA. I'm no longer a CSA victum I'm a CSA survivor, I'm no longer being victimized by it.


I want to make sure as few people as possible have to experience  what I did and help those that do get through to the other side.


Just in case anyone is interested The website and GitHub Project Thou there isn't much there at the moment I'm in the process of moving the wiki over from from the Fandom Wiki


P.S. I'm looking for an 3D artist or a programmer;We're using Python to prototype, We'll being using Godot(will need to add support for subdivision surfaces possible network code) for the client and Rust for the server.  I can offer $20USD/mo Via paypal.

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