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Is it possible to use the VR mod with Oculus Link on the Quest?

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I had the same question  Unfortunately, as far as I can tell you would need Nvidia 3d Vision working, which Nvidia stopped supporting a while ago.  You need to be on Windows 7 in order to even use the old drivers that 3d Vision requires.  If you can get 3d Vision installed and working, then here's a guide that could potentially help you get it working with your oculus product (although I'm not sure whether the quest would be compatible).  


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You can get 3D vision for windows 10 by NVIDIA driver 425.31. (This is the last version to support 3D Vision)


I tried it with Virtual Desktop. (it's a paid app)

The result is ok, if you want a 3D game not a VR game.

The one of the reason is the picture quality is bad when you make the screen close to you. (It must be close to you to get the "VR feel")

The second reason is the girls like a giant if the screen is close to you.

If you want big screen, it is better to use virtual theater environment, but it will be just 3D not VR.

So it is not good for VR purpose now.







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