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Autonomy - Straight Sex Only Bug?

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Hey there, I've been having some issues with autonomy. While it seems to trigger just fine with m/f couples, I can't get any same sex couples to trigger. I never encountered these issues in the past, specifically with my sex club. I'm currently using the most recent version of WW. 


I'm completely stumped at the problem. I've tried every variation of the gender recognition settings, max intensity. reverted to older versions of WW etc. but can't seem to get it to work. My guess would be an issue with the save file (as I've heard some data from WW gets store there) that may be causing the issue. I tried the save file purge as suggested on the main website but it seems like some things like my sims' stats stay saved even with a "deep clean."


Has anyone else encountered this? And if so, would you have any recommendations for a fix? Thank you so much!

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