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need some suggestions in weight painting +.+


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never mind, I will use cloak bones, should be easier to deal with :angel:




Hello people

Sorry if this sounds like a noob question,

but I am having trouble weight painting this part of the armor, well robe it's

:dodgy::dodgy: I have already did quite a lots of tests, but the result aren't very pleasing


I figured it might be the best to "Skin" it first and add the bones I only need one by one..


Skin warp just doesn't seems to do much of a good job if I wants to use the skirt bones and make the robe move naturally "OR" should I "Skin warp" first then fix all the parts that's sticking out first, THEN add the skirt bones and re-paint it?:huh:




These are the bones I think I should be using,

Pelvis, L&R Thighs, L&R Calfs and Skirt bones

please correct me if I am wrong, or suggestions would be great!

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