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Some help needed here !!


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Hello everyone..This is not a site related issue.But a technical one and if someone knows something would help a lot.


i upgraded some hardware like SSD Memory Graphics Card so the SSD  has Windows 10 Home edition and i am installing everything again or trasfer.The old hard disc is still attached with working windows 10 pro edition.


The problem is that MSI Afterburner has no Gpu readings ..Clock Memory everything is 0. This is not the case on same computer when booting on the old hard disc where everything is the same.

I do remember a tweak and a solution somewhere because i have seen this before but i have totally forgotten what it is as in the old hard disc everything is working as they should.

Any google search i did today for hours talk about the same reinstall drivers msi afterburner or Gpu-z but this clearly is not the issue.It is something about windows 10 probably


I am at a loss and keep searching but maybe someone knows the solution.

Thank you for reading

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