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Oblivion incredible lag after installing directx jun2010 redist


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When I undo the directx jun2010 redist installation with system restore Oblivion runs very smoothly when I install directx jun2010 redist all slows downs to 3 FPS and game eventually crashes.


I knew that before but it did not bother me because I could do fine without directx jun2010 redist. Now I need directx jun2010 redist for Morrowind Graphic and Sound Overhaul.


How do I fix this problem?

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After installing directx jun2010 redist I tried to install direct X update you linked. No luck here. Problem still persisted.

After loading system restore I tried to install just only the update you posted with no luck with this one too. :C


I dunno what to do. I guess the only solution is to reinstall the OP again. Hopefully that will work... maybe it will... :rolleyes:

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I have the same problem but after update directx it still the same

try this method ,it work for me


Windows Vista/7 -- Right-click on your Oblivion desktop icon, find the 'Compatibility' tab (Under Properties), and then make sure that "disable desktop composition" is ticked. Click OK to save this setting. This tweak will automatically turn off Vista's graphics-card intensive 'Aero Glass' desktop look, whenever you launch Oblivion.



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