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Looking for denim shorts/panties

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Hello, I've been searching for a while this kind of shorts for my sims, there are several denim shorts.. but can't find ones that have this design and the size of some panties, does anyone know if there is this type of shorts similar to this image? or if someone can create those clothes?





s-l1600 (1).jpg

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Hm, I could have sworn I've seen something similar around here before.


JS Sims offers something that looks close here.




@sstormyy offers a range of clothing that seems closer to what you're looking for here:






Alternatively, these lace-up bottoms by @unipatronus are less "denimy" but they could also work.




Finally, these cutoff shorts by ekinege are really nice, but I'm not sure that they're short enough to meet your needs.




The ones by sstormyy seem closest to what you're looking for, but some of the alternatives could work as well.


Edit:Added some additional links

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@SupGenus31, @deepcool, @DaredevilSponge Wow you guys are amazing, thanks a lot for the search!, deepcool the last one you placed it's just the same as the image, even has the same brand in the back haha, shows a little less ass but it is excellent, for more ass I can put the erplederp short or the one that is completely open from sstormyy that DaredevilSponge found.


Sorry for my english, I will download all ? thanks again for the help.

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