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A good old problem with physics

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First of all, hey

A kinda long time ago my Skyrim was working perfect without any problems but after there was an update for it on Steam i reinstalled it cuz i wanted to delete some mods anyways and then i just could start over again.
But then there was the problem that the physics didn't work anymore (I don't remeber why but i think it either was cuz i just mixed them up with other mods or it just wasn't updated for the new version) after that i just took a break for like some months and now i tryed reinstalling everything again.

Now i have the problem that the physics do work but only with specific armor on and i dont know what im missing that it does work all the time. This is how my mod list looks like now https://imgur.com/w1qeZX1

I hope someone can help me with it i would rly appreciate it

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