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Realistic bad interactions?

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Hello everyone,

I noticed that in the Sims 4, interactions are always either super friendly, either they directly come to insult, or mock. But in real life, we do rarely insult the other person or act that obvious. Indeed, real "bad" interactions tend more to be: passive-agressive behavior, manipulation (or attempt of manipulation), little spikes here and there, hypocrisy, words that can hurt the other on purpose or not, or light mockery.
The game tends to end up a bit "unrealistic" when it comes to bad interactions. So I was wondering if there is a mod or such a mod that propose more realistic "bad" interactions? Like daily ones we experience? I think it would be great to have such a mod in the sense that the other Sim could answer more or less positive or negative according to his personality. What do you think?

Thank you! 

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