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*sigh* Another Distorted Penis/Tongue Issue

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Image result for aw shit here we go again



So, erm. Hey, you guys. So, this thing is happening (again). :/ And I'm a bit embarrassed, to say the least. It took me hours and I stayed up until 4 in the morning trying to resolve this thing by myself. No dice. I would write a mass essay of things I've done, but since I like to get to the point, here are cliffs instead. 


Things I've done to try to resolve this:


+ Got rid of all rig/bone distorting mods. 

+ Did 50/50

+ Removed all sliders, including height sliders. 

+ Removed all dance animations. 

+ Clean re-install Origin. 

+ Removed all WW animations but 2 of them to see if the penises are still distorted.

+Mass deleted new furniture. 

+ Removed other tongues. 

+ Removed other penises but Noir's. 


I'm clearly running out of options here. I think it could just be one of my clothing mods or skin mods that are making them act up. But like. There's so many of them. I don't think I can go through another excruciating 15 minutes for each game launch. What do I do?





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Can't get the link to load, or the LE either.


Other suspects might be: No Eyelashes or Hair Physics mod.


Any male skins ever come with a penis included?

Never seen any myself but you never know.


Only other thing I can think of is other 'male bottoms' body type mods.


But is is some kind of mod causing it.


Last EA hot fix has eliminated the problems with using slot195 cc furniture BTW.  


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@Scorpio Oh, I'll def check those out. ?Though, I've given removing the bottoms a go. I'll be trying these options and keep you posted. Thank you. 


Edit: @male skins question; er. I just use Noir's tattoos. No skin. We'll see how it goes, though. I hope they'll be some improvement today. 

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The LE points to a shower box, possibly a cc shower?

Unless it's a corrupted EA shower.


Unable to find joint b__subroot__2 on object_showerBoxGENBath1x1_01:0x02cd0a5ef3c60364


Not sure if this one is related to the above or not, but it does mention a 'rig'.


KeyError: 'get_joint_transform_from_rig: Joint name [b__subroot__2] was not found in the specified rig [ebf3cdfb47e91b2b.8eaf13de]. JointNameHash [0x0]().


Another shower error but different name.


KeyError: 'Unable to find joint b__subroot__2 on object_ShowerSC1x1_01:0x02cd0a5ef3ba0210[1]


The penis issue is a tough one though.

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Looks like conflicting default nude bottoms...game's trying to use both at the same time.....

The penis with the green stripe and discolouration is caused by an incompatible skintone…..try changing the skintone...

you could also try removing cc clothing to see if that is a problem.....i'd start with that hat.


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