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Andra follower CBBE AND 3BBB SE

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Andra follower CBBE AND 3BBB SE

Standalone follower.

Character info

Name: Andra.
Race: Nord Race.
Level: 5 
Level up with player.
Class: Combat Spellsword.
Combat Style: csHumanMeleel.
Aggression: Aggressive.
Confidence: Foolhardy.
Assistance: Helps nobody.
Morality: Any crime.

  ChainLightning/WhirlwindCloak/Frost Breath Shout/Iceform Shout/Lightning Bolt/Lightning Cloak/

Juggernaut/Tower of strengh/Conditioning/Matchingset-heavy/armsman/Fighting stance/Bone                                breaker/Savage strike/Paralyzing strike/Destruction/Augmented shock/
          ReflectBlow/SilentRoll/Critical Charge/ShieldWall/Wellfitted/Armsman/StormMastery/Stealth/Silence/

Inventory: Vanilla Armor Ebony and Mace Molag Bal weapon.

Height: 1
Weight: 100

Voice: Vanilla Female sultry.

Location: Whiterun. (The Temple of Kynareth).

Body Preset:   The Sensual Lady CBBE-3BBB Bodyslide preset.

She's Essential. Unique & marriable.


Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE.And Everything this mod requires.
CBBE 3BBB. And Everything this mod requires.
ATTENTION: My mod require the use of ENB. She would look much better.

Installation: Manually or with your favorite Modmanager.

If you like my follower, don't forget to endorse it. Thanks!.

Clothes used on screenshots  NOT INCLUDED WITH MY MOD.
Credits & Thanks to these great mods & their creators.

Triptherift-ENB Brow Fix.
DomainWolf-Enhanced Female Head Mesh - Vanilla - Special Edition.
LogRaam- The Eyes of beauty.

regenbot03-The Pureskin.  
hellowsanta- SG Female Eyebrows.

jmenaru- Crimson twilight Armor.     
Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE.
ousnius-BodySlide and Outfit Studio.
Acro748-CBBE 3BBB.
Groovtama-XP32 Maximum Skeleton-XPMSSE.
Shizof-CBPC - CBP Physics with Collisions.
Aers-HDT-SMP (Skinned Mesh Physics).
Rudy102-Rudy ENB SE.
By Andreis-GomaPero Poses SE.


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