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Bacic pose and emotion mods?


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The nexus has nothing like the old Oblivion and Fallout pose mods, at least not basic everyday ones, where you cast a spell and enter a certain pose or facial expression. However, i'm aware more than ever that the nexus no longer has the monopoly, and you see screenshots all over the place that weren't made with Dovahkiin Relax.


Does anyone know of any simple pose mods (that actually tell you, rather than make you guess what pose 34 out of 50 is...) that allow you to simply sit at the point you are in. A co-pose hug. Laying down. Looking injured. Crying. Cheering. Pointing.


And perhaps more importantly, something that gives me an expression beyond 'blank sociopathic stare'. Smiling, sad, hurt, happy, pained, scared, terrified, ect.

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