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Face texture mod no longer working?

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Something freaky happened recently with my Mod Organizer and my entire load order and profiles basically got disabled so I had to rebuild everything.  I just about have everything rebuilt but there's one mod that's giving me trouble.  I use UNP textures with Bodyslide and a mod called Pretty Face for the face textures.  Before everything crashed these three mods mixed well together.  After the crash, Pretty Face doesn't seem to want to work and my characters look 50 years older as a result.  I don't understand what's happening.  The mod is installed and I think I have the order right in the left window of MO.  You have to have certain mods in the right order in that window too so the right files will overwrite.  Pretty Face is beneath the other two and when I look at the conflicts it does say PF is overwriting UNP and Bodyslide face textures so...I don't know what's going on.  I recall having this problem once before but I don't remember how I ended up fixing it.  Has anyone had a similar problem and can give me some guidance please?


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Possible if head mesh was replaced and has different texture file path and other races use a texture set so it would be ignored.

It could be that the race was edited in an esp not sure if you can see that with mod manager normally you would need to load all mods with tes5edit and look for any mods making race edits.

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