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Poison = Paralysis/Ragdoll mod?


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Does anyone know of a mod that causes poisons such as a Cazadors or Radscorpions to cause paralysis on hit (so ragdoll basically) instead of damage over time?


The game sometimes glitches out if you die from poison during a Sexout animation and I was thinking this would work around that while still imposing a negative effect on the character.


I haven't found anything through searching but I might have missed something :P

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If you have lonesome road, I'd advise keeping snakebite tourniquets on hand.


However, the poison affect is CazadorPoison "Poison" [sPEL:0012A22E].

You can simply substitute an MGEF for the poison damage that uses Paralysis instead. Instead of Poison "Poison" [MGEF:00031851] you could replace it with Paralysis "Paralysis" [MGEF:0006B20C]. However, this paralysis effect would absolutely 100% guarantee that any cazadore that managed to get to you and tag you with this effect would kill you.

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