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Good-looking and not-so-skimpy CBBE armors?


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I am using CBBEv3.2 and most of the armors i see that are compatible with it are very slutty and skimpy. I am RPing as a 'modest magician' and the vanilla stuff dont get my attention.


May anyone recommend some CBBE armors that are good looking, somewhat lorefitting like rogue armor and not so skimpy?


Thanks a lot

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There's the 'Little Sexy Apparel Replacer' mod on Nexus, it's a tad more modest as in it actually has waist, leg stuff and personally i think it's better than the "we've made the tops skimpy, how do we do the bottoms? Screw it just a thong" you get with the others.

Cheers, was looking for something cbbe that wasnt bare ass all the time.  dont get me wrong, its good every now and then but its hard to take an execution seriously when the captain is flashing her assets at you. 

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