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Strange Game Breaking Error : "Cant use this here"

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So iv got this issue that started happening once I finished protecting Whiterun from the Stormcloaks, Whenever I fast travel to Whiterun or enter the city trough a loading screen, I get a constantly repeating popup saying "Cant use this here" When I close it, it just reopens in a split second. Makes the game completely unplayable. There was some serious issues with the open cities and JK's All In One mod (with the required patches ofc) when I was fighting the Whiterun battle, and that was the first time I encountered it, but I managed to get it away by opening my inventory between popups, that don't work now tho. So I'm positive those are the mods that is doing it, but just disabling them didn't work. I do have about 180 mods tho so anything could be doing it. I dont really know how to send the list of mods easily and I dont wanna type 180 names so I'l wait for someone to give me a good tip for that. Honestly what I want is just a good pointer to where I should start troubleshooting.

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