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Sims mod tool?

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First off Hello all :) Ive recently started writing a tool to organise my sims 4 mods.


This is my first time writing Python 3 and on Windows I usually write Python 2.7 on Linux, anyway I got bored and decided I wanted to write something and thought keeping my mods organised is tedious at times.

So I started writing called sims mod tool very basic and in testing stages at this point so little point in sharing the source code (at this point I think GPL 2 or 3 and maybe with the users option to use a later version).

What it does now
    Checks for duplicate mods saves to a text file with ful paths of duplicate files for user to manually remove.
    Gets total size of installed mods and displays to user.
    Backup your mods, this is still early stage and works but isnt very verbose to the user.

Ideas of what to do
    Install/remove mods.
    Check for mod updates
    Have mod profiles.

    Move all subdir mods to rootdir.
    Something Ive likely forgotten but will remeber at the most inconvenient of times.

At the moment this is pure CLI and no GUI, its been a while since Ive written anything GUI based and personally not something I like doing but it would be in QT last time I used it was 5 so a little rusty on latest and upstream versions (Ive never written Python on Windows before so if you know most Linux distros you wil know what I mean)

Reason I made tyhis post is for any ideas/feedback on anyone who would make a use of this also wether theres tools outthere that already do this and I took the lazy option of writing it myself rather than searching Google :D. Any ideas/contributors are welcome.

Happy/Sexy Simming :)


Please excuse typos/spelling mistakes a little tipsy ;)



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