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Creation Kit is trolling me.


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So i've been 'not-so-hard' at work combining all my equipment mods into 1 'bundle' mod. (I've been lazy, i know. Its boring, so i waste too much time watching TV).


As i'm working on adding in mods into my bundle mod, i'd edit them, save my bundle mod. Close it down, make adjustmets in nifskope, open up CK again, and continue on some more. Then i realize that the CK is trolling me.


I'll find some of my armors using a completely irrelevant AA model. I'm like, "WTF, why is this set to that?". My cowgirl helmet somehow decided to use some Argonian Circlet model. A Collar from one of my mods (i'll call it Mod A) decided to use some irrelevant model from a different mod (I'll call it Mod B). then to find out an entire set (Mod C) switched from Mod C to Mod D.


Its like their's a poultergeist in my computer or something. Is crap like this going to persist because i'm gonna have a few hundred different equipment items? Or is there a rational explanation for what's going on? I dont want to have to keep fixing this stuff that randomly decides to change itself.

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