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Flowering Spriggan Quest Spring Location

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So, I finished the Flowering Spriggan quest, but hand and feet roots never disappear. Talking to Priest in Whiterun doesnt work ether. So im trying to find the holy Spring/Altar at Kynes Grove. But Where in the world is that?


Kynes Grove is an Tavern near Windhelm. But there is no Waterfall or Altar in it. South of it there are a lot of lakes with fountains,, but no altar and as I said there are tons of them. On Top of it at least in my game, there are more Dragons there than Cliffrunners in Morrowind. So im running around that huge area for hours but no unexplored secret cave, no altar, and no waterfall. I already checked the Waterfall at the western River too, but nope.


So where in the hell should the sacred altar be? The Book pretty much says nearby, south, in the woods, near big Rocks. Too bad that that there are rocks and wood everywhere.

Internet doesnt help ether, so please help me.


Note: Maybe intersting, i got the quest by wearing the armor. I didnt get defeated by an Spriggan.

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