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Question about body mods


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Is it possible to assign a specific body to a specific race. Like can I assign say the Ladyboy Body Mod to a custom race using a different folder path so none of the NPC's use it? All the while having the other races use say CBBE?


Like I've noticed certain companion mods have their own body mod independent of the default body installed. So in a nutshell is it possible to do this for say a custom race so that the player character has a unique body mod all their own?

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This might be the mod you are looking for:




This would cover all standard races.



For custom races / stand-alone followers it is very easy to assign specific body meshes. In most cases it will be enough to replace the meshes and textures in the mod directories.


A possible setup could be CBBE 3.2 TBBP as default replacer with skeleton files from the latest Acdale body and animations from the TBBP thread, so no problems with crushed breasts. UNPB TBBP and ADEC 2.4 used custom races using XPMS skeleton files. Because of XPMS using different weapon placements/animations additionally PC exclusive animation path could be useful.


Well, for LB as additional bodyraplacer it could get a bit more difficult, at least for V1.6 it was necessary to edit the esp´s of the used race/follower-mods, simply because the skinset values needed to be changed for LB.

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