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How do I go about merging outfit plugins that need bodyslide conversion?

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Simply put, I use a custom CBBE preset but want to expand my outfits as I'm starting anew. Thus, I want to merge outfit plugins to save mod limit space.


Now, how exactly do I do this properly? Do I merge the plugins first or will that break the bodyslide data? If I merge the plugins after conversion, will the conversion data be able to read the new plugin information? Can I just untick the original esp in load order right panel but keep its information active in the left panel? Finally, after getting the merge/conversion to function properly, which assets in MO2 do I need to keep active and which can be unticked (left pane specifically) or does that matter?


What I've done before was:

1) Install all original outfits as-is, ignoring mod limit

2) Convert outfits via bodyslide

3) Create new outfit data via "Create Mod" replacing old data (from Overwrite folder)

4) Merge plugins

5) Untick original outfit ESPs in right pane and tick new merged ESP

6) Keep everything ticked in left pane allowing MO2 to prioritize loaded data


Although that seemed to work on the surface for my previous mod list, I have a feeling I borked something up along the way.

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