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Skyrim - New Gathering, Building and Crafting system ^_^

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Hello I'm Tobi !...


I Create and, want to show You and also ask You what You thing about my new GBC System ? ^_^


Here is Example of EARLY BETA of Gathering:





Why this System is good?

- Different tools gives you different results

:: For example you can use Surival Knife to gather rocks but pickaxe mine faster and brings You more ores !...

Also only few weapons can gather few resoruces, Survival Knife can gather everything but its SLOW but for example Spike Knife can't gather any resources


- Use Magic to gather resoruces

:: Yes, you can use ( Spell of Rebirth ) or ( Spell of Regrow ) to "restart" amount of wood in tree You can also plant Your own Trees and use Magic to speed up

thier grow, magic also can mine at distance which is usefull to mine for example Magma Ore - You can do it without Magic or Special SUIT


- You can Build your own structures, there is no limit of structures You can build but keep in mind that every structure You build makes your Save bigger!!!

:: To build Structures You need resources and Time, resoruces like -> Rope, Wood, Rock, Glass, Plastic, Iron - Building also require TIME !...


- Hit dead Body with Tanning Knife or Survival Knife after You kill animal so You can Cut it to parts...

:: Yes, no more Open menu and take out, now You can hit dead body and choice what You want to do...

Keep in mind that You need perks to gather organs or skin... otherwise you have to be lucky to not break organs




And thats only =SMALL= part of my GBC System ^_^




If You want to know more about Planting trees, Black Town is using Braverock 3 Planting Tree System, Video Here:





Sausan Hotel include scripts from: ( I'm The Author of all )

- Braverock 3

- Night World

- Wild Perks

- IronWork System


If You use one or more than one of my other mods You should disable them...

I move Scripts from my other mods to Sausan but i also update them so Properties change and those 3 mods will cause your game to crash


I'm not gonna update those mods but if You want to keep using them You just need Sausan... however in Night and Braverock situation you will

lose 2 Worlds... however Sausan World is much better than Braverock 3 and Night :)...



- This Message is Copy/Paste for Many forums !... Created on LoversLab 

So if You read this on for example Nexus idk&idc how its visible im not gonna fix anything...


If You want to ask me something do it on LL or my Discord: https://discord.gg/2Vh6NVc

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