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Collision between breasts and forearms/upper arms?


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I have a pe-hdt setup that works rather well using the hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml but I would also like to get forearm and upper arm collision.


Is this possible?


Most everything I read and examine only has the hands that collide with the breasts. I noticed that the hdtfingers.xml file has forearm and upper arm defined but increasing the radius doesn't do anything. My setup doesn't include a hdt.xml file but I have thrown one in the plugins directory without any results either. I am using the JFF program to adjust values.


I am also using the COS body nif. I have examined this in nifscope but am unsure of what I could possibly include to attain collision. It does have the hdtfingers.xml, hdtvagina.xml, and the hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml files attached to it.


I don't ask for help usually because my inquisitive mind has been able to solve most issues (squeaking over 240+ mods and no bashed patches) but there isn't much to go on with this particular topic. It seems most people are very satisfied with hand/breast collision only.


I appreciate any input and thank you in advance.

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