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Glossy Ground Whiterun Outskirts

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So I googled this ofc already and found numerous "fixes" about deleting normal maps and textures from oldrim and so on but it's not helping at all.
Even with all texture mods that aim at landscape disabled, that glossy "moss" or whatever that ground outside of skyrim is, stays in my game.


Have a look.






I use rudy Enb and reshade. I already took a look under the "reflection" tab of the enb and tried tinkering around with it but it's not helping.

Hopefully someone of you guys can help me out. ?

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Ok I found the source of all evil. It was actually coming from the short grass mod itself. I deleted the normal maps (_n) files from the tundra and grass files and now it's fine

even though the ground itself is still ugly.


If someone knows  a good texture replacer for this specific object pls tell me cus I can't find any landscape mod which covers this.

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