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Downloaded Models In Skyrim?


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Hello everyone :blush: I have been searching around a lot on this subject and I don't know if this has been asked or if I am putting it in the wrong section or not (very sorry if I am), but I have been looking around to see how you can get downloaded models into skyrim.


A friend sent me this really cool model (he told me a friend of friend sent it to him, where it comes from i don't know) and I would really like to play with him in skyrim. When I import him into Max, he has his own skeleton and animations. I figured trying to add his own custom skeleton and animations into skyrim would be too much of a big head ache.


What I'm trying to do is get the skyrim skeleton to fit with the pose of the character mesh. I have tried to get the character mesh to fit the pose of the skyrim skeleton, but it has failed and I'm a little tired of trying it that way with no results. So how would I go about repositioning and rescaling certain bones of the skyrim skeleton (the skyrim skeleton's arms, fingers, etc. are longer than the mesh) to fit with my character mesh?


Thank you all very much in advance. If I can get this figured out and successfully implemented into skyrim, then I have other models saved on my pc that I would love to add to skyrim and hopefully with all things going well, share them here on lovers lab :cool:

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thanks for the reply Veta :) When I was messing with the mesh yesterday I was doing a little stretching to it, but I thought I was probably messing something up so I left it alone since it started to look a little weird ^^


I'm still on the search and so far nothing still really.

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