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Request: If anyone could make penis models for furries

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I've come up with a method that will make the newest version of the furry mod be compatible with Noir and Dark Sims Pornstar Cock. Its a method that you could also do yourself with Sims 4 Studio and GIMP (or Photoshop). I've attached the results of my conversion in the bottom of this post.

Now allow me to explain steps I've used to utilize this method:

1. Backup all furry mod color packages before extracting the textures.

2. Extract the textures of the white penis (Using this tone is a must if you don't want strange results) and every skin color in the furry mod you wish to use using Sim 4 Studio. (I've used the stomach and legs to create the following conversions)

3. Open the penis texture in a photo editing program that has dds support and delete everything but the penis texture from the layer.

4. Make copies of the penis texture for every color of the furry mod textures.

5. Open each fur skin as a separate layer of the image and sort each one below one penis texture copy. (You can use groups to help you in this process.) (The order is penis above fur color in GIMP)

6. Use the color picker to extract the color information on the fur skin and save that data in your palette.

7. Colorize the penis texture using a darkened shade of the fur color. Repeat this step for each color.

8. Merge each penis layer with the fur layer below it.

9. Export each image as a dds image with DXT5 compression and use mipmaps. (Sims 4 Studio will warn you if you do not follow this step)

10. Open the fur color package file in Sims 4 Studio and overwrite each texture with the new one.

11. Preview each texture in Sims 4 Studio before saving the file.

12. Perform a test in the Sims 4 by starting a new game. If the results match the images below then you have completed the conversion.

(The final converted file is attached that you can use to overwrite the stomach and legs file if you wish to skip this method)

01-28-20_8-47-55 PM.png

01-28-20_9-11-23 PM.png


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