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Graphical Bug, won't post on nexus cuz mod list

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Im having graphical errors with my skyrim se.

Ive reloaded previous save files, uninstalled/reinstalled the mods i thought could be culprits (CoT, Vivid, ENB, etc.) and still have the issue persisting.


I have also loaded a previous save file, and gone into an interior, and it appears to be occuring only in the exterior at certain camera angles.

Any help trying to figure this out, as I am STUMPED.

Thanks in advance!

Load order and Screenshots included for assistance.

(Lydia isnt broken, just NFF taking control of outfit shortly after a reloaded save)




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We share two mods and I ran into the same issue.


Here's what I found: it's a bugged pelt bracer model introduced by USSEP. This bug is indifferent to character gender.


Ways how to deal with it;

- Kill every NPC wearing pelt bracers and loot them.

- install a mod that replaces pelt bracer models.

- install a mod that is capable of manipulating the seeding of armor and lock out pelt armor.

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