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Dragon age 2 Creatures to Skyrim skeletons?


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unless someone is able to actually import dragon age 2 animations in skyrim and use them effectively, I think that some Dragon age 2 creatures could be theoretically attached to existing skeletons. share your opinions please.


Desire Demon (possibly with the firey hair): Flame Atronach skeleton (possibly with face animations, as I think the flame atronach has none). and without that nonsensical fire trail. too bad they have no "shout


Shade/Rage Demon/Sloth Demon: No idea. this is a very unique creature type of the series.


Arcane Horror: mm.. the Dragon Priest, maybe? it's too bad they have a flapping robe underside not matched by the Dragon Priest cape.


Abomination: this could use the default skeleton? the Dragon Priest one seems excessive to me, especially compared to DA combat style of the Abomination.


Rock Wraith/Profane: mm.. frost/storm atronach?


Pride Demon (the 3 variants from the Legacy DLC): no idea. Giant? Troll?


Revenant: standard skeleton/draugr skeleton?

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