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I wrote this script in a tutorial but it looks exactly like the picture, but its still not saving


scn 0FoxMcCloudscript


short HasBeenHired

short L38

short Relax

short DoOnce


int CombatStyleRanged

int CombatStyleMelee

int IsFollowingDefault

int IsFollowingLong

int FollowerSwitchAggressive

int Waiting


Begin GameMode

If (DoOnce != 1]

Set HasBeenHired to 0

Set L38 to 0

Set CombatStyleRanged to 1

Set CombatStyleMelee to 0

Set IsFollowingDefault to 0

Set IsFollowingLong to 0

Set FollowerSwitchAggressive to 0

Set Waiting to 0

Set Relax to 0

Set DoOnce to 1





help please?

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