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Some Ideas for Stuff I'd love to see in Skyrim


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This is my "dream list" for Skyrim :P not expeting anything but every single idea on this list is a wet dream of mine :)




  • Sauron armor model with full cape from Conquest
  • Balrog Model From Conquest
  • Witch-king's full armor (Conquest?)
  • Nazgul full cloaks/gauntlets/boots



  • LOI Joachim
  • LOI Walter Bernhard
  • LOI Crimson Stone
  • COD Dracula
  • Death (unsure)
  • Lords of Shadow Necromancers (?)



  • Metroid Creatures (they'd be awesome monsters)



Legacy of Kain:

  • Wraith Soul Reaver with SFXs and the various variations (Dark, Light, Spirit, Spectral possibly)(Defiance)
  • Physical Reaver (Defiance)
  • Raziel Attire (Soul Reaver/Defiance Intro CGI)
  • Kain Attire (Defiance CGI-game)
  • Wraith Raziel Attire (defiance)


Devil May cry:

  • the Perfect Amulet (the one that Sparda wears)
  • Sparda Awakened (DMC4? used by Santcus)?
  • Devil May Cry 3 Dante Open coat attire


Soul calibur:

  • SC2 Cervantes Soul Edge (they looked amazing)
  • SC2 the Various Nightmare Soul Edge/Soul Calibur swords
  • SC2 Xiangua Soul calibur
  • The "Broken Destiny" Sword
  • The "Soul Embrace" Sword (if it exists)
  • SC4 Soul Edge (Nauplius)
  • SC2 Soul Calibur (Evil)
  • SC3 Soul Edge (Phantom)
  • SC2 Soul Edge (Complete)
  • SC4/5 Soul Calibur/Soul Edge


Metal Gear:

  • MGS4 Metal Gear Ray Model
  • MGS TTS Metal Gear Rex
  • ^if someone know how to rip the SFXs for said models I'd love to know how, thanks :)



  • TP Ganondorf Light Sword
  • -Mirror Shield with original Crescent moon design
  • TP Ganondorf Model


Star Wars:

  • Darth Revan's armor/cape
  • Darth Vader's armor/cape
  • Darth Sidious ROTJ robes
  • Sith Anakin ROTS Robes + hood/cape
  • Darth Nihilus robe/cape + mask


Final Fantasy

  • FFXII Gilgamesh Model
  • KH2 Sephiroth Model/anims
  • KH1 Ansem model+guardian



  • Narnia White Witch Wand
  • Magneto: Marvel ultimate alliance 2 (?)



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