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Top during sex

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From my experience, it seems to be based on does this sim have a penis yes or no, and if the animation is M/F, Bi, M/M, F/F, etc. IE, I have a household that has a male, female, and trans female w/ penis, sometimes during a threesome animation the male is a top when involved with the trans female w/ penis, and some animations reverses roles(top/bottom), and sometimes the female sim will top the male w/ a strapon.

So I'm really not positive, I'm just making an educated guess considering that with so many different animations available there isn't a strict standard that each animator is adhering to, not a bad thing, just my observation. 

I am about to load up my save and try a body mod I just downloaded so I will have a look and see if I can figure out if there is a preferred role during sex option and let you know. 


If there isn't an option for this, it would be nice to have one at some point like Sim A is always top, Sim B is always bottom, and it'd be really cool to have exceptions to these rules as well, but I'm not how complex the mod is allowed to be within the confines of The Sims 4 as is, but it's not a huge inconvenience to switch positions manually imo. 

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My current game has almost no males, just females, some with dicks, i've noticed that some of them always end up on bottom, some always on top and then some seem to be random, it's fine most times but gets a bit annoying when i have to swap places every time i change animation

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So, when u use animations with female and male - the most important thing is animation code. If animator type that this anim could use male and female - it should be "prefered gender". So, if animator type that female should be top during sex - it gonna start like that, but if u have 2 male - it gonna be random. :D

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